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Hassle free IP-telephony solution at the most competitive price on the market. The call quality and uptime have thus far been exceptional. The support they offer for this is blindingly fast.
Clint Irving
Pooled Energy
PBX Blue has provided excellent service to us during the COVID 19 pandemic. We highly recommend the services of PBX Blue without any hesitation.
We have been a customer of PBX Blue for over a year now and not only are our call costs down, we are able to have our team reachable in more places with live statuses.
David Borg
All Pumps
They were able to sort our hardware and software within a week of the go signal from us, rectifying problems we had been limping along with for a couple of years. Their support was quick and responsive, and they took ownership for all areas of our 3CX system.
Dan Owens
CHROFI has been a PBX Blue client for over a year. Prior to having our 3CX system installed, we had a ‘traditional’ PSTN system which had slowly degraded in call quality to the point that our clients and staff had begun to prefer using mobiles than our PABX!
Graham Brewin
The use of PBX Blue has enabled ALLTRANZ to streamline our phone service through both branches, building a better team culture and importantly improving our customer service.
Neil Anderson
PBX Blue were very responsive, they really understood our needs, and provided a test instance for us to try the system, so we felt assured moving across to the new system. We are really happy with the new system. It has made real improvements to the way we serve our members while working remotely, and it has enabled flexible working for our staff.
Support is fast and extremely personalised. Nothing is ever an issue. The PBX Blue team make it their priority to have a full understanding of our situation every time we make contact. Finally, unlike some Telcos who are still stuck in 1985 even billing is slick and simple.
Marty Beaton
MGB Backline
Nowadays, we also have offices in USA and the UK. Prior to our 3CX VOIP system being implemented, transferring an overseas call between this type of demographic was a myriad of remembering STD Country & International dialling codes compared to now simply selecting the recipient from the Soft Client Switchboard to patch it through!
Andy Stewart
ZEDER Corporation
With the assistance of PBX Blue, The Deaf Society successfully transitioned to the new cloud based telephony system far quicker than we ever expected would be possible. We are very happy to recommend PBX Blue to anybody who’s interested in moving to cloud-based telephony. Because they were very easy to deal with, and their work was quick and efficient.
Christian James
The Deaf Society
The PBX Blue team are great. They understood our business and once they saw our previous provider’s billing model, they knew immediately we would have a significant cost saving. The transition was easy, their service is great and support team very responsive.
Bill Smirniotis
RBK Partners
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