Can I send and receive faxes via 3CX?

Yes, you can receive and send faxes with 3CX. Faxes are delivered to your Inbox as a PDF attachment. They can be sent using an adaptor plugged into your existing fax machine.

Can I bring my own SIP Trunk?

No, PBX Blue provides its own SIP Trunk as part of its solution. Whilst numbers are ported to our system, we will support your old trunk to eliminate any migration glitches.

Can I use my existing VoIP phones?

Yes, if they are supported by 3CX. Please refer to (opens in a new tab) for a list of supported phones. Phones with only legacy support will be best effort only and may require additional infrastructure to properly support them.

What about call quality? I've been told that VoIP isn't as clear as a normal phone line.

This isn't true. VoIP call quality is largely determined by the quality of your Internet connection and the correct implementation of QoS. QoS (Quality of Service) is where VoIP traffic on your Internet connection is prioritised ahead of other Internet traffic like web browsing, email, YouTube etc. Think of QoS as being like an ambulance using its lights and siren to get through traffic without having to stop.

Can I use the PBX Blue system with an ADSL Internet connection?

No, unfortunately not. ADSL is not appropriate for business grade VoIP systems. At a minimum, you would need an NBN connection. Better still is MBE, Fibre or Fixed Wireless Internet.

How long does it take to port my existing numbers?

This can vary from one week through to a month or longer. A lot of this will depend upon the losing carrier (some of them can be very difficult to deal with) and also whether you need a simple (CAT A) or complex (CAT C) port. During the porting phase we can present the correct caller ID on outbound calls, even before the porting is complete so there is no interruption to your business.