End of Life Devices

End of Life Devices

Does this affect me?

End of life devices are no longer supported by the manufacturer or 3CX. They will continue to function. However, they will no longer receive firmware updates, may lack features and can stop working at any time. We recommend budgeting to replace end of life devices.

Affected devices


Desk Phones

  • T19P
  • T20P
  • T21P
  • T22P
  • T26P
  • T27P
  • T28P
  • T32G
  • T38G
  • T41P
  • T42G


  • W52P
  • W56P

What is affected

End of life devices are unable to be assigned or reassigned to new extensions. Existing end of life devices will continue to function as normal.

Moving forward

If you already have these phones provisioned, they will be able to make and receive calls and function as normal. However, they will need to be replaced with a current model if they need to be assigned to a different extension. Please contact our sales team if you would like to discuss purchasing replacement phones.